Friday, January 21, 2011

21/365 January 21, 2011

21 Years

I have lived on this street for 21 years. It's been good. Change is on the horizon.


  1. i miss this street! it feels much more like home than an ugly paved one :)

  2. Ya know, Amanda? This street was supposed to be paved a few years ago as you may remember. I was so eagerly anticipating the pavement because I thought it would greatly cut down the dust that came in through the windows. Looking at this picture, I am relieved that project fell through. I really have loved living on a dirt road. There is definitely some character to it, isn't there? Do you remember when Elbert street was still a dirt road? That really wasn't that long ago even though it seems like forever ago. LOL

  3. I never wanted it to be paved,haha. I like the "character" :) and i don't think i do remember elbert being dirt, i do remember tabor st and the county rd by our house dirt though.