Sunday, May 2, 2010

March 3, 2010 32/365

Ivy League?

I really love ivy.

I thought the sunlight dancing through this little ivy plant in my living room looked so pretty. I just had to capture it.

Several years ago, I'd gone to visit a sweet friend of mine. Bev had lots of ivy growing around her patio in her backyard. I commented on how pretty the green leaves were. She cheerfully started cutting starts for me to take with me! I was so happy! I came right home and planted them in my yard. Today, I have a HUGE patch of ivy that grows in my garden retreat. It has started creeping under my fence into my neighbor's yard. I'm not so sure she is as thrilled as I was about the Ivy. Sorry, Susan!

Everytime I see that patch of Ivy, I think of Bev!

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