Thursday, March 31, 2011

86/365 March 26, 2011

He Paints

I went to Quincy's conference and got nothing but praises. He is reading at above grade level. I hope that continues forever! :) When I started to leave, Q's teacher explained to me that the children are working on a program to be presented in a few weeks. Part of the unit requires the kids to have a cutout of themselves of paper to represent what they want to be when the grow up. Quincy had a really hard time making his decision. Finally, after much deliberation, he made plans to create a police officer. Throughout his entire Spring Break, Quincy begged and pleaded to do his homework.

We rolled out the paper on the floor. He laid perfectly still. I traced his form. He gathered up is paint sets and a jar of fresh water. Patiently, and with much determination, Quincy painted his police man. After the watercolor paints dried, he carefully cut out the shape.

He was so thrilled with his creation. I was proud of him for having the determination to do the assignment and complete it with such care.

Good job, Q!

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