Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

It arrived today via FedEx. Even more beautiful than what I remembered when I found it at the jewelry store.
I strolled into the jewelry store that day for giggles and grins. There were several people crowded around the jewlery cases. I wanted to just peek at the bridal jewelry so I started at the far end. One of the store's sales associates came right over to me and asked if she could get anything out of the case for me. I looked into the display...and there it was. EXACTLY the ring I'd imagined. A princess cut center stone flanked by sapphires.
I pointed to the ring under the glass. Renee unlecked the case and pulled the ring out and placed it in my reach. I took it from the display mount and placed it on my finger. It was a PERFECT fit. I just knew it was my ring. .... and now it really is!

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